Luxury Budget Open Coil Spring 7 Inch Deep Blue Football Mattress

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This mattress has been specifically designed for kids with a modern blue football design covering every inch of the mattress with a hard wearing fabric making it sustainable for a long lasting comfort. 

Constructed with 7 individual comfort layers which provide extra support, with a European engineered traditional Bonnell open coil spring system allowing the weight to be distributed evenly across a wide surface for a much more comfortable night's sleep. 

The mattress has been designed to be dual sided, so you can flip or rotate the mattress, we recommend doing this every so often to keep in pristine condition and for best results. 

The fabric has been created with hypoallergenic and anti-dust mite features excellent for those with who suffer from allergies. With anti-bacterial features.

With our new in-house technology your mattress will come vacuum packed, rolled and boxed and delivered directly to your door, making it easy to unpackaged the mattress

We recommend that you do not leave the mattress rolled and boxed for more than 7 days after receipt.