Desire Beds Full Wavy Micro Quilted Bonnell Sprung Cool Blue Foam Mattress Quilted Mattress

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This mattress is approximately 8” inch deep and contains a European engineered 13.5-gauge open coil spring unit which is covered with generous layers of upholstery and a layer of cool blue memory foam. The mattress disperses heat built up during sleep to provide a much cooler sleeping experience. This helps you to stay cool during the night and have a much more soothing and relaxing night’s sleep.

 Cool Blue feels the same as memory foam and cradles you in the same way, however its very low (almost zero) visco-elastic threshold prevents it from completely moulding around the sleeper. This is the major contributing factor to the excessive warmth associated with memory foam mattresses for some people. Feel the mattress slowly adapt to your body shape and contour your every curve for a memorable pressure free sleep experience every night. Wake up every morning feeling revitalised.

Finished in a quilted wavy top panel for extra comfort and a better-quality sleep.

It consists of hypoallergenic and anti-dust mite fillings with anti-bacterial features, for a cleaner healthier sleeping environment. The mattress is single sided, only rotate it every so often for best results and to keep it in pristine condition.

For your convenience your mattress will be delivered vacuum packed, rolled and boxed due to our new in-house technology. This is a much a more environmentally friendly way to do delivery. We recommend that you do not leave the mattress rolled and boxed for more than 7 days after receipt. Vacuum packed mattresses do not have side supports, therefore prolonged sitting on the edge of the mattress is not recommended.